Gene Expression/Proteomics Module

Director: Paul R. Kinchington, PhD

  • The effect on human host cell gene expression of viral infection; while viruses are relatively simple biota their subversion of the host cell may cause complex and unexpected changes in host gene expression.
  • The effect of different growth factors on cells cultured from the corneal stroma. We have found that our microarray data accurately reflects some known effects of TGF-b1, i.e., immunosuppression, increased elaboration of extracellular matrix, and increased synthesis of cytoskeletal components. We are now examining the expression changes which control cell growth and intracellular signaling.
  • The effect of specific signal induction inhibitors on expression in corneal cell subtypes. For many genes, expression is likely controled by inputs from multiple signaling pathways. Identifying the small but consistent changes which occur when these individual pathways are inhibited will allow us to assemble a map of cellular control circuits.

Current projects use predominantly Affymetrix GeneChip DNA microarrays. Microarray sample preparation and data analysis are performed within the Module, while samples are scanned in the Department of Pathology. An ABI 7700 instrument is used to perform real-time PCR, both for confirmation of microarray data and to assay the expression of genes not available on GeneChips.

Contact Information

Paul Kinchington
EEINS-1020, 203 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh PA 15213